Shower Scrub


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Unique dual-bristle design provides a deep clean for your feet and body
Powerful suction cups hold it firmly against the wall or on the floor
Exfoliates and cleans dry skin – give your body the treatment it deserves!
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1. Exfoliate feet skin to beautify your feet.

2. Soften callus and relieves pain caused by blisters.
3. Relieve foot and leg fatigue after working, hiking, running, etc.
4. Ease athlete’s foot and other long-term foot problems.
5. Thoroughly clean between toes and which are easily overlooked in daily cleaning.
6. It can also be used as body scrubber to massage and exfoliate your thigh, hip, back and so on.
7. Improve blood circulation
8. Ideal for pregnant women, old people and patients that are unsuitable to bend down to enjoy a feet cleaning massage


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