Silicone Toilet Brush


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Silicone Toilet Brush Holder Set
Deep cleaning silicone head and non slip handle
Includes wall mount and prevents bacterial growth or odors

  • 【Experience】: Easy to clean, no sticky dirt, no lint, no wear, no damage to the glaze. After every wash of the product, it is like a new one.
  • 【Cleaning】: The brush head can be bent. 360° cleaning.
  • 【Design】: Detachable base, separate stand, independent base. Prevent bacterial growth, no odor
  • 【Material】: High-quality silicone brush head, not easy to adhere to stains. The silicone material leaves no water stains after use and dries quickly.
  • 【Usage】: Reduce the trouble of cleaning the toilet, make cleaning easier, and use less time.
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