Pocket Speech


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Perfect gift for children 0 – 4 years old
Improves young children’s vocabulary and talking skills
The lightweight flash-card reading device makes learning fun
Includes 112 double sided cards and charging cable
The card reader is in a neutral English voice (not British or American accent)
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  • Introducing the Pocket Speech the flash card reading device designed specifically to help children under 4 years old learn to talk. This compact and lightweight device is the perfect tool to enhance your child’s vocabulary and improve their speaking skills.
  • The device comes equipped with 112 colourful flashcards (with 224 words) that feature simple words, letters, and pictures. The flashcards are designed to capture your child’s attention and make learning fun and interactive.
  • The device includes a built-in speaker that reads out the words on the flashcards – allowing your child to hear the correct pronunciation and learn to imitate the sounds – you can press the repeat sound button or adjust the volume up/down
  • The device is easy to use and requires no setup or installation. Simply insert the flashcards into the device and let your child explore and learn at their own pace.
  • The compact size makes it easy to take on the go, so your child can learn and play while traveling or running errands.
  • The Pocket Speech will help your child develop crucial language skills and gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. Give your child a headstart in their path to education today 🙂
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