Blood Bath Mat


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Fun idea for Halloween or general pranks!
When water hits the mat it magically appears like splattered blood!
Please note this is for practical jokes / Halloween decorations – it is not an every day thick absorbent bath mat
*Due to high demand lead time is around 5-7 days



100 x 42 x 0.1 cm

90 Grams

  • THE ORIGINAL – AMAZING BLOOD DRIPPING COLOR CHANGE EFFECT – Try the world’s first Bloody Bath Mat – a thin plastic sheet that only reacts with water – turning wet footprints into blood red stains.
  • PERFECT 2023 GAG PRANK GIFT for adult, men, & women – Color changing sheet that turns red when wet and then the footprints disappear like magic when dry
  • HIDE ANYWHERE – Give your loved ones the shock of their life as they leave a trail of blood stains out of the shower. A incredibly unique prank that you can hide nearly anywhere.
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