SmarTag Wallet


Brand New 2022 Model
The SmarTag Wallet – Revolutionary new wallet with minimalist design
Features a built in holder for your Apple AirTag to help you locate your lost wallet using GPS tracking
See more about the Apple AirTag below
The SmarTag wallet has a card pop up function for rapid access to your cards
Also provides RFID protection for your bank cards
Need a leather holder for your AirTag? Check our SmarTag Holders
Fast UK Delivery in 2 to 3 Days – Use Coupon Code XMAS10 for 10% Discount!

  • SmarTag Wallet’s interior is made of aluminum and titanium. The exterior is leather material
  • It’s RFID blocking technology prevents criminals from scanning your bank cards
  • The pop up holder can hold between 4-6 cards depending on the cards thickneses (4 standard bank cards minimum)
  • It contains cash clip for holding bank notes
  • Has 2 further card storage pockets for storing club / membership cards
  • Button clip holds the wallet closed
  • Extra zip pocket for holding your Apple Tag or tracking tag to help you locate your wallet if its lost. This can also hold coins and keys*
  • *Please note the wallet does not come with an Apple Tag – These can be purchased directly from Apple for £29.99


Please see link below to the Apple AirTag:

AirTag – Apple (UK)



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