Shower Foot Rest


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Shower Foot Rest – the help you need for shaving your legs!
Say goodbye to awkward balancing acts to wash your feet and shave your legs
Lightweight and easy to clip on / off your shower wall
Get a 2nd Shower Foot Rest Half Price!
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Get a 2nd Shower Foot Rest Half Price

Shaving legs and washing feet in the shower just got a whole lot easier with our unique Shower Foot Rest. This innovative accessory ensures you can maintain your grooming rituals effortlessly, without any hassle.

Say goodbye to awkward balancing acts and slippery shower floors. The Shower Foot Rest securely attaches to your shower wall using a powerful suction clip, providing a stable platform to rest your foot while shaving. No drilling, no mess – simply press and lock, and you’re ready to go!

Crafted from premium, water-resistant materials, this foot rest is built to withstand the rigors of daily shower use. Its sleek, compact design ensures it blends seamlessly into any bathroom decor while remaining discreet when not in use.

Adjusting the height and position of the foot rest is a breeze. Simply slide and reposition the clip to suit your desired height, accommodating users of all heights and preferences. It’s the ideal solution for achieving the perfect angle to get that silky-smooth shave and ensure thorough foot cleansing.

Not just for shaving, the Shower Foot Rest doubles as a convenient foot washing station. Enjoy a spa-like experience right in your own shower. It’s a treat your tired feet will thank you for!

The powerful suction ensures it stays put while in use but allows for easy removal without leaving any marks on your shower tiles or walls.

Get your Shower Foot Rest today and experience the joy of hassle-free, confident grooming in the shower. Elevate your self-care routine and feel fabulous from top to toe!

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