HD Resistance Bands


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PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from natural latex, this set of 5 resistance bands is suitable for men / women and all fitness levels or ages. They can be used with hundreds of simple exercises to improve your mobility and fitness

WHAT’S INCLUDED – 5 x bands. Each band provides a different resistance level and can be used individually or combined together to suit individual fitness levels

Looking for exercise ideas? Check out the video below:


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1 Yellow Band (10-15 lbs total resistance)

1 Green Band (15-20 lbs total resistance) 

1 Blue Band (20-25 lbs total resistance) 

1 Red Band (25-30 lbs total resistance)

1 Black Band (30-35 lbs total resistance)


Perfect for recovery exercises and workouts including:-

– Squats (With band between the knees)

– Glute bridges / raises (With the band placed between the knees)

– Glute kickbacks (Band around lower shins)

– Lateral walks / shuffles (Crab walks)

– Knee raises (Band trapped under stationary foot and looped over the toes of the foot that is being raised).

– Also effective for rotatory cuff, arm, wrist, ankle, and calf exercises

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