HD Brush Cleaner


Keeping your make up brushes clean and bacteria free will prevent blocked pores, bad skin and poor make up application
Product Contains: Cleaning Bowl, Electric Spinner, 8 Rubber Holders to fit all size brushes

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Just three quick steps to clean makeup brushes.
1. Dip in water (Inside cleaning bowl)
2. Spin to rinse (15 seconds)
3. Pull out of water and spin to dry (15 seconds)

The bowl is made of advanced eco-friendly plastic, more durable than glass bowls

Comes with 8 different sizes of rubber holders fits all your makeup brushes perfectly
High speed spinning easily and quickly removes dirt and cosmetic
Made from premium materials to ensure long-term use it is nontoxic and environmentally friendly

Got my HD Ear Pods this week

Got my HD Ear Pods this week. Connected to my iPhone 6 in a couple of minutes after following the video demon on their website. So far so good I love them, great for running with went for a run last night they were miles better than using wired headphones

John Davies

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